The Heirloom Inn

i’ll be sharing this wedding from a few weeks ago very soon….

cowboy vintage wedding at heirloom inn

Mike - Awesome picture! What a stylish couple, can’t wait to see more 🙂

Natasha - Jennifer, I loooove the new blog design! Super simple and very elegant!

Martha Andrews - FABULOUS!!!!!
What a tease, I am dying to see them all!

Barnyard Chic - Beautiful photo…beautiful couple! She reminds me a bit of Christina Applegate!

Lisa - Of course you two look AMAZING. But most importantly, I am pleased the fabulous shoes received the attention they deserve.

Featured on “Style Me Pretty” » Jennifer Longaway Photography Blog – San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer | Family, Baby & Kids Lifestyle Photographer - […] so excited that preston + heather’s wedding has been featured on the “style me pretty” blog! heather put in lots of work […]

Happy 6-0

today my dad turns 60! happy birthday dad! i’ll see him on saturday to celebrate.

me & dad photobooth at the state fair 1976

Shannon - That baby pic may very well be the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Past 10 years…

it’s funny how time flies. i realized last month that it’s been 10 years since graduating from SFSU. it seems like it was 1 ago not 10! you know how people ask you where you think you’ll be in 10 years… it always seems so far away and so much can happen. i don’t think i would’ve guessed i’d be where i am today. it makes me wish i would’ve written down some goals to compare to today. i think i’ll do that soon so i have something to refer to in 2019.

i’ve been fortunate with how things have gone… of course i’d do some things differently but maybe that means it would’ve changed the course i’m on now. who knows. i know i’ve made some great friends here, some have moved away but we keep in touch. here’s a list of some of the things i’ve been up to since 1999, in no particular order.

• traveled to europe twice – amsterdam, prague & barcelona

• living & surviving in SF

• graduated from college with a BA in Cinema

• paid off all debt

• i’ve had 4 cars

• formed friendships with kick ass girls

• got married

pregnant with our first baby

• worked on some interesting films at a cool company for the past 8 years

• started my own business

• photo published on a magazine cover

• living in an awesome apartment since ’00

• vacationed in costa rica

• became an aunt… twice!

• traveled to NYC twice

• hit a royal flush in Las Vegas to win $1000

i’m sure i’m missing something else but that looks pretty good to me.

and here’s the graduation ceremony pictures… i’m always making some goofy face.

Mary Micheletti Xjimenez - Jennifer – you constantly impress me. I am one proud aunt.

North Lake Tahoe | Blue

last weekend i went to north lake tahoe with some friends to stay in a cabin for laurann’s birthday! it was gorgeous up there. and lucky for us christina was on the grill… the fire got a little crazy but she had it under control.

fuji instax